How does Coaching work for the Individual?

As your Coach my role is to listen to you and hold to your agenda. I will inquire, encourage, challenge, make requests, and help you remain aligned with who you are. My intent is to help you stay focused on achieving your goals. My success depends on your efforts; your efforts lead you to living the life you want, while acquiring new skills and learning new things about yourself in the process.

The coaching relationship is designed by both of us, and may be refined through ongoing two-way feedback. Although I am committed to the journey, you are ultimately be responsible for actions taken (or not taken) through coaching.

Here are the key elements I use to help build our coaching relationship:

I Look for Your Best Efforts
I believe you are naturally creative resourceful and whole, and that you are committing to coaching because you are ready to do and be your best.

I Make Specific Requests
I will sometimes make direct requests, such as "Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?" You may accept the request, counter-offer (e.g.: "I can't do X, but I can do Y") or decline (rarely). I will support your choices.

I Give Different Perspectives
Depending on specific situations, I may offer perspective on areas where I hold expertise. I will be open and honest in my communication, and I request that you hold my perspective as one of many options for you to choose from.

I Tell You What I See
If I hear a funny tone in your voice or notice something wrong, I will ask you about it. If I am not clear about something we've discussed, I will ask clarifying questions. I create a safe space for you to say anything without fear of being judged or criticized.

I Ask Powerful Questions
Sometimes, I will ask questions that will stay with you long after the coaching call has finished. I'll also challenge you and ask you to do work on areas that need attention. Honoring these requests will move you closer to your goal.

I Hold You Accountable
If you commit to a specific action, I will expect you to honor your commitment.

I Maintain Confidentiality
I will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly use this information for my benefit, nor disclose this information to anyone else without your specific approval, except as reasonably required for me to perform the required coaching services or as required by my professional ethical standards related to disclosure of illegal activities or as compelled by court order.

I Offer All My Support to You
I want to hear it all. Your good days and your challenging times when you feel most stuck! Call me or e-mail me any time for a short chat about your successes and challenges.

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